Findings by consultancy him! have shown that, despite the fact customers who spend 15 minutes in coffee shops spend £4.78 on average, those who spend over an hour only spend marginally more - £5.24 on average.

Him! said the research suggested staff in coffee shops are not proactively repeat-selling to customers. This could indicate that waiter-service, such as in new independent coffee shop Brodericks Love Coffee, may be a way to increase customer spend.

Brodericks Love Coffee, is to offer waiter-service at its 122 seater outlet at Manchester airport. Located in the departure lounge at terminal two, the shop, run by brothers John and Peter Broderick, is hoped to be the first of many. The decision to offer waiter-service was due to "the usual airport rigmarole" that customers have to go through, so Broderick’s thought they would try and make life a bit easier.