Sollich is promoting the Minitemper 100 FD to add real chocolate to your product, for bakers aiming to enhance sales appeal and profitability. Sollich said it was important to use real chocolate, despite the fact the cocoa butter present makes it more challenging to handle compared to compound chocolate.

"Real chocolate has to be tempered," said Sollich. "If it goes through the right process, your chocolate will set quickly, shine, have a good bite and not melt too quickly when handled."

The Minitemper 100 FD has been designed to make the process of tempering chocolate easier. The machine runs from electricity only, and takes 30 minutes to reach production readiness in the morning. It keeps the chocolate in prime tempered condition throughout the day. An enrober head is also available.

The Minitemper is available through Sollich in the UK and is available for hire.