We look at Easter ideas and why cake is good for you in the first move online for our tongue-in-cheek Stop the Week. 

Let’s all eat cake

The much-hated saying ‘Everything that tastes nice is bad for you’ has been blown out of the water by claims in none other than the Metro. And we’re not going to try and convince the public en masse that blended celery really is moreish - the truth is that cake is good for you.

At least in the manner of swings and roundabouts. Scientists have reportedly found that baking soda used to help dough rise can also be good for your eyes by creating molecules that may prevent, or even cure, retinal disease.

The science part: The molecules, known as cGMP, are effective regulators of the amount of light absorbed by the photons in the eye, thus limiting the damage the process can cause and even improving our ability to track moving objects.

Thanks must go to the researchers at Harvard Medical School’s Makino Laboratory – we’ll happily swap carrots for cake.

You saw it here first

In the run-up to Easter, British Baker paid a visit to top London chocolatier Paul A Young and filmed him making a delicious and generously-sized (7cm) creamy ‘fondant egg’ to help inspire bakers this April. You can watch the video here to see the whole process, complete with recipe information.

However, little did we know that The Guardian has a fly on the wall at British Baker Towers, as just a few weeks after our video went live, what do we see but Paul A Young’s egg splashed all over the paper?

It must be a classic case of ‘great minds think alike’ – but don’t read The Guardian’s version.

Easter burgers...

Sticking with Easter, there is so much bakers can do to encourage trade that the supermarkets can’t compete with. The burger lab in Studio Kitchen within K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherds Bush, London, will be dishing up sweet crème egg burgers for Easter.

The mini sliders are made with a sweet brioche bun dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. This topped with ‘the burger’ of the outfit – a gooey melted crème egg, mascarpone cream, and a generous dose of strawberry jelly.

From the end of March, customers will be able to enjoy the burger throughout spring. The sliders are priced at £5.50 for a portion of two, and the Spring Rocks Afternoon Tea starts from £22.50 per person.

Other Easter treats on the Spring Rocks Afternoon Tea menu will also include other Easter and spring-themed treats, such as mini hot cross buns, quail egg, Scotch eggs, savoury sliders and mini hot dogs.

... and a touch of Disney

Just because we like them: Disney doughnuts! It doesn’t all have to be chicks and rabbits this Easter.