Wholesale Polish bakery T&W Bakeries says it is considering moving after being targeted by local yobs.

The company, which employs 20 staff in Sevenoaks, Kent has had windows smashed and staff have complained of racist abuse directed at them.

CEO Monika Wodke told British Baker the company moved to the premises last May and has been targeted by gangs of 15- to 16-year-olds. Her 24-hour operation was an attractive target to them as the other buildings on the industrial estate were closed overnight, she suggested.

She said: "Over the winter it was quiet, then they came back about a month ago and, since then, they’ve been coming back every single weekend."

The thugs smashed seven windows and four windscreens at the site in just one night last month. Police are investigating the attacks. (See T&W recipe, pg 26)