Yorkshire bakery Thomas the Baker has introduced a new ‘Bake at Home’ range to capitalise on the popularity of shows like The Great British Bake Off.

The retail chain, which has 37 sites, has developed a range of sweet and savoury products that can be baked-off at home and claim to offer that just-baked taste without the hassle of sourcing ingredients.

The Bake at Home range includes six savoury products, such as cheese and bacon rolls, steak bakes and sausage rolls, as well as a range of sweet treats such as mince pies, curd tarts and fruit pies.

John Thomas, managing director, Thomas the Baker, said: “It’s lovely to think we’ve all got the time to bake away the day, but why get yourself into a state with home baking when you could just cheat. Our ‘Bake at Home’ range offers all of the freshness but none of the fuss.”

Speaking to British Baker, production director Steve Simpson said the company was also looking to add further products to the range shortly.

He said the inspiration for the range had come from people outside of the Yorkshire area wanting to take even more products home with them.

“We’ll obviously see how the range sells,” said Simpson. “But we know, from tourists and our customers that people want to be able to enjoy our products at home. We have one customer on the Isle of Lewis for instance that particularly likes our cheese straws and this is the type of customer we hoped to attract with this new development.”

Simpson, who has been with the bakery since 1982, said the company would also look to selling the products online as it seeks to diversify its business.

He said: “We are seeing some massive changes to the high street and so we are looking at ways of getting our products to the customers by alternative means.”