Dawn van Rensburg, Richemont Club of Great Britain

Most of us will use fruit ingredients in some form in our day-to-day baking, but we don’t often have the chance to see the story behind the box or pail it arrives in. So an opportunity to discover this and get an insight into new innovations chocolate mincemeat, for example was remedied recently; John Morley in Congleton, Cheshire, welcomed 25 craft bakers, all members of the Richemont Club of Great Britain, for a tour of its EFSIS-approved factory.

A third-generation family-owned firm, run by managing director Paul Roberts, John Morley does more than just import, process and clean fruit from around the world. Its finished products range from mincemeat, fruit sauces, jams and pastes to dry pre-mixes for inclusion in cereals and fruit bars. While some of its customers are big high street names, the company still provides high-quality products and service to family bakers. A wide variety of samples were tasted in the ’fruit filling department’ and one visitor even negotiated a larger pail of fruit compôte for trial back in the bakery.

Mincemeat production was not yet under way, as it seems trends are moving towards a less matured, ’fresh fruit’ flavour profile. But the group did taste some mincemeats with a twist, including ’chocolate’, ’amaretto’ and, my personal favourite, ’cassis and blackcurrant’ just proving that age-old recipes can always be challenged.

John Morley has a strong innovations and development team, who will work alongside customers with their product development. The Richemont Club visitors came away convinced that the firm remains committed to the future of quality craft bakers.

l The Richemont Club of Great Britain was formed in 1948 to encourage the interchange of ideas between craft bakers and confectioners in the UK and other countries