United Biscuits (UB) has cut salt across its product range with 94% of its products now within the maximum threshold in the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal.

The company has reduced salt content in its McVitie’s Hobnobs by 43%, McVitie’s Rich Tea by 33% and McVities Digestives by 24%, but said its achievements had not been fully represented by the Department of Health.

In a statement UB said: "The Responsibilty Deal reporting only shows a positive response when all products in a category have reached the maximum AND average targets. Consequently we show achievement of the targets in just one out of four categories. With 233 products divided between four categories, we have worked hard to achieve sodium reductions using a phased approach that is acceptable to consumers."

The company said that ensuring the taste and quality of its products and meeting high consumer expectations were their “paramount concern”.

A spokesperson said: “For a range of biscuits, much of the remaining sodium in our products is in the form of raising agents.  Reducing this will be a challenge as many of the alternative raising agents adversely affect the flavour and texture of the biscuit, which makes them unacceptable.

“We will continue to work towards the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal goals for the remaining 6% of our portfolio that is not already within the maximum target.”

Popular UB brand names include McVitie’s, Penguin, go ahead!, McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, Jacob’s Cream Crackers, Twiglets, Mini Cheddars and Carr’s in the UK.