The Federation of Bakers (FoB) expects to wait up to 18 months as legislation covering bread weights is finalised in Europe.

Currently, the UK’s system of selling bread over 300g in set weights of 400g, 800g and

1,200g is under threat by the draft EU Nominal Quantities directive, which proposes deregulation of set weight legislation. Last week the European Parliament voted in favour of amending the draft, to allow weight legislation to be decided nationally on bread and other staples.

This was a victory for baking industry bodies including the FoB, who are concerned that deregulation could allow unscrupulous producers to market products, which may look the same size as a traditional loaf but actually weigh less.

Now the issue will be decided by a conciliation process between the European Parliament and the European Council of Ministers, which drafted the original directive.

FoB director Gordon Polson said: “We will keep a close eye on the issue. It is not detrimental for us to be left hanging, but in the longer term it is better to get this out of the way.”