Warburtons is kicking off a national promotion of its wholemeal range this September, in order to give the nation a ‘fibre boost’. It is also launching a mini online drama called ‘The Seeds of Love’ featuring its Seeded Batch Loaf.

Warburtons’ Fibre Provider campaign follows on where its 2007 campaign, ‘Are you getting enough’ left off. Its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of fibre in peoples’ diets. The Nation’s Fibre Provider is running across its wholemeal range, and emphasising its recently launched Wholemeal Fibre Boost.

The campaign will incorporate press ads, a sampling roadshow and the launch of a microsite www.fibreprovider.co.uk. The website will offer tips from a health expert as well as recipes and a fibre intake monitor.

“The viral mechanic for the ‘Seeds of Love’ campaign is a first for Warburtons and allows us to engage with our target consumers of women aged 35-64 in a more interactive way,” said category manager, Katie Rowson. ‘The Seeds of Love’ mini drama series can be viewed at www.bitesizedpassion.co.uk. The campaign will be promoted on-pack, via a viral email and on-line.