Cafés and bakeries in York have remained defiant in the face of a new city-wide ban on A-boards on the pavements, which came into effect this week.

As of 1 February, City of York Council has outlawed all A-boards (triangular advertising boards) and related pavement signs within York’s inner ring road. The only exception is the Micklegate area of the city, where businesses need a licence from the council in order to place an A-board in the street.

But there were reportedly dozens of the boards still in evidence as many businesses appear to have flouted the ban.

British Baker spoke to the owner of a bakery near the historic York Shambles area of the city, who opted to remain anonymous: “It’s ridiculous! I mean come on… no we won’t be putting our boards away and if you put your head out our front door you’d see no-one else is either.

“What are they going to do? Employ a board warden to come and fine us? The council need to look at the real issues around here. This is not one of them.”

Even national bakery chain Greggs was photographed flouting the ban by a local newspaper.

Staff at the outlet declined to comment when contacted, but did say: “Yes it’s still there,” in reference to its A-board in the street.