Ashbourne-based bakery Artisan Biscuits has expanded its Two by Two children’s shortbread range with the introduction of peach biscuits.

The peach biscuits will roll out from next month, and can be purchased from Artisan Biscuits’ online store and The Fine Cheese Co’s shops in Bath and Belgravia, at £2.50.

The variant is an all-butter shortbread made with peach juice and clotted cream, with an illustration on the packaging telling the story of the nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’.

The biscuits are also engraved with the nursery rhyme characters, one being a lamb and the other Mary.

Ann-Marie Dyas, director of Artisan Biscuits, said: “The fragrance of these biscuits is so fresh and natural, and is like burying your head in a bowl of peaches.”

The brand name Two by Two comes from the story of Noah’s Ark. The biscuits in each pack are always two characters, making a pair.