Dawn Foods has extended its Premium Donuts range with a summer-themed Raspberry & Cream Twist product.

The Raspberry & Cream Twist Donut is “double-injected with raspberry and cream cheese filling inside the doughnut ring, which is topped with white icing with red/pink stripes”, according to Dawn.

The product is vegetarian and halal-friendly.

Dawn said the new doughnut has “a light fluffy texture, an eye-catchingly rich and appetising topping, and a delicious ‘end to end’ filling”.

The Raspberry & Cream Twist joins Dawn’s range of Premium Donuts, which comprises:

•          Seasonal Coconut – a ring doughnut with a sweet coconut filling and a covering of coconut flakes and smooth chocolate

•          Strawberry Sprinkle – filled with strawberry jam, and coated in strawberry icing and multi-coloured sprinkles

•          Chocca-Nut – featuring a hazelnut topping sprinkled with chopped nuts, and a smooth hazelnut sauce inside

•          Cinn-Apple – with crunchy cinnamon sugar and an apple filling

•          Triple-Choc – with a creamy chocolate sauce filling, and cocoa topping with sprinkles

•          Caramel-Lace – coated in vanilla icing and caramel sauce, with a gooey caramel surprise inside.

Dawn said in a statement that the range was “designed to tap the growing trend for premiumisation in sweet bakery, with interesting finishes, textures and flavour combinations providing added value”.

Supplied frozen, with a frozen shelf life of 12 months, Dawn’s Premium Donuts can be thawed and served as required.