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A distinguished Swiss company founded in 1948, Rondo stands as a global leader in the production of cutting edge machines for bakeries, specializing in sheeting and forming dough. With a team exceeding 450 professionals, Rondo has created a legacy of excellence in mechanical engineering, anchored in Swiss precision and a profound understanding of baking dynamics.

Headquartered in Burgdorf, Switzerland, Rondo’s international footprint extends through seven subsidiaries and three sales offices. The company melds baking expertise with prevailing industry insights, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to Swiss quality standards. Since its inception, Rondo has exemplified process reliability and garnered a sterling product reputation.

At the core of Rondo’s success is an ethos of customer proximity. The company’s adaptability to regional needs and responsiveness to global bakery trends solidify its position as a reliable partner. Rondo’s passionate pursuit of innovation is evident in its pioneering spirit and dedication to engineering excellence. The corporate culture places a premium on futureproof solutions, ensuring Rondo remains at the forefront of modern bakery production.

In essence, Rondo is not just a machinery manufacturer; it is a dynamic force driving the evolution of bakery technology, combining tradition with innovation to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

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