Further evidence has emerged that Brits are falling back in love with bread – with Argos reporting a surge of interest in bread makers.

The retailer said online searches for bread makers have increased by 106% compared to last year.

In contrast, Argos sales of spiralizers for making ‘courgetti’ or ‘courgette spaghetti’ – big food trends last year - have fallen 65% year-on-year.

“Our data suggests customers are tired of faking it when it comes to carbs. Rather than buying spiralizers, they are choosing to invest in gadgets that allow them to enjoy the real deal, such as pasta and bread makers, and potato ricers,” said Argos kitchen buyer Dawn Ritchie.

“This leads us to believe that not only are Brits consuming more carbs, but that there is a trend for spurning ready meals in favour of making delicious pasta and bread from scratch.”

The Argos news follows Waitrose reporting in its Food and Drink Report 2017-18 that carbs are back on the menu as Brits move away from faddy diets.

The retailer found that, although two-thirds of Brits follow a diet or health drive, three-quarters are opting for a more common-sense approach rather than a strict regimen.