Carr’s Water Biscuit production has resumed at United Biscuits’ (UB) Carlisle factory for the first time since it was flooded last December.

Over the past few months, various lines have returned to production, including McVitie’s Ginger Nuts, since the floods caused by Storm Desmond.

The halt in production triggered a nationwide shortage of many of UB’s lines, including Carr’s Water Biscuits. These have taken so long to return to production due to the special brick ovens used to bake them.

It is believed Water Biscuits will become available to retailers in the next few weeks.

Mark Taylor, manufacturing director for United Biscuits (UB), told The Guardian: “Other competitors have taken our spot on the shelf and we’ve got to rejuvenate our marketing to get back the space we had before and build on it.”

Work on the factory is still not complete. The Water Biscuit line is only at around 80% capacity, and it will still be a few weeks until custard creams are delivered to stores.

Taylor added: “There is still a lot of work to do – four or five weeks of tough work on little failures in the equipment that have come from the water damage.”