Mono Equipment, the bakery and foodservice equipment manufacturer, has supplied its products to new Cardiff bakery and café Brød.

Brød is run by Danish-born Betina Skovbro and produces a range of traditional Danish breads and pastries.

Equipment supplied includes Mono’s unique spiral and planetary mixers, a compact table-top pastry sheeter, a mobile prover and a Williams Crystal Freezer. Brød also bought Mono’s new Artisan Bread System, which comprises a four-tray convection oven and a two-deck Harmony Deck Oven.

Skovbro said: “Initially I didn’t think I was able to afford brand new equipment as my budget was so small but I didn’t want to waste money buying second-hand and having this equipment fail after only a few weeks, as this would have been false economy.”

She added: “I was extremely pleased with the quality and level of service I received from the outset from Mono Equipment and being based in the UK means that Mono Equipment’s sales executive, Christian Trubey, was always on hand to discuss any questions I had. Also, with its two-year extended warranty offering I have complete peace of mind that the equipment I have brought will last a lifetime.”

Swansea-based Mono Equipment designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of professional turnkey solutions to suit every requirement and budget, from baking trays to full-scale travelling ovens. It is part of the foodservice equipment provider AFE Group, which is in turn part of the ALI Foodservice Group.