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Kombucha Sourdough, Lovingly Artisan

‘Innovative’ is a word that’s spot on when it comes to describing this Kendal-based company’s Kombucha Sourdough.

“We wanted a distinctive taste, a superb sourdough and the best, most natural ingredients we could find,” explains Catherine Connor, marketing director at Lovingly Artisan.

The loaf is an amalgamation of kombucha, a fermented drink made from sweetened tea, and a specific culture of bacteria and yeasts. These are combined with an ancient grain, organic, stoneground wheat flour, while total ferment time is over 24 hours with 75% hydration.

The low-starch, low-carbohydrate content helps keep blood sugar levels regulated, and enhances vitamin and mineral content while lactic acid is said to create the loaf’s lovely tangy flavour. 

Natural acetic acid, produced in the souring process, inhibits mould growth, giving a naturally longer life to this stone-baked, innovative loaf with its thin and crispy crust.

One Kombucha Sourdough loaf costs around £9, but all their customers think it’s definitely worth it.

“Unsurprisingly, the most important aspect of our winner is taste, and the
product tastes fantastic. I was struck by the care, craft and thought from
selection of ingredients to delivery.”

Alan Black, head of out-of-home marketing at sponsor Stork/Upfield

Vegan Viennoiserie, The Modern Boulangerie

Seeking a new challenge, George Bellamy-Adams of The Modern Boulangerie in Ramsgate, turned his eye to developing a range of vegan pastries to run alongside his regular selection.

 “Current vegan products include croissants, pains au chocolat and fan favourites, almond croissants,” he explains. “Although it’s my aim to continue refining the vegan offering to work alongside its non-vegan counterpart.”

Bellamy-Adams put a lot of research time into finding the perfect fat substitute before developing the vegan products, although he is always striving to find the best ingredients for the job.

All products at The Modern Boulangerie are made using a pastry sheeter and then shaped by hand.

Bellamy-Adams started the business in March 2017 and says it has been going from strength to strength. He likes the freedom offered by self-employment, even if it means working seven days a week supplying wholesale and online.

He adds that The Modern Boulangerie is fast approaching an expansion phase and a shop is expected to open soon.

Incredible Sauxsage Roll, The Incredible Bakery Company

With a filling containing sunflower seeds and jackfruit, this version of the British classic is vegan, gluten-free and contains none of the 14 main allergens.

It was created by The Incredible Bakery Company, a business founded by City of London workers James and Valeria Mizuno-Turner after learning their son Leon had multiple food allergies.

This discovery became the catalyst for launching their own innovative business and products, such as the Sauxsage Roll.

“Customers appear to like both the filling and the allergen-free pastry,” says Valeria Mizuno-Turner. “We also opt for minimal salt, sugar, and optimal healthy high-fibre. There are also many more flexitarians these days who want to experiment with their diet and foods and widen their repertoire.”

The Incredible Bakery Company has invested in both social and printed media to spread the word about its Sauxsage Roll. It will also be promoting the product with a nationwide distributor.