White sliced bread

Source: Getty Images / Sinan Kocaslan

  • Publication date: Wednesday 17 April
  • Editorial submissions deadline: Wednesday 27 March
  • Editorial contact: Dan Riley, dan.riley@wrbm.com

What’s on the agenda for plant bakers in 2024? This feature will find out as it explores the NPD and marketing strategies being employed by the nation’s largest bakers.

Key areas this article will explore include:

  • What were the highlights for plant bakers in 2023 and how has this set them up for 2024?
  • How are they faring compared to the market in general? Please provide sales data if possible
  • What are the areas of interest when it comes to NPD and why is this?
  • What are their marketing strategies for 2024? What does this tell us about the audience/consumers they are trying to reach?
  • How does own label fit into their strategies (for those that operate in this market)? How is the cost of living impacting this?