Discount supermarket Aldi has recorded record sales of £6.89 billion for its last financial year, a 31% increase on the previous (2013) year’s figure of £5.27bn.

During the same period, Aldi invested £878m in UK expansion following £438m in capital expenditure in 2014 on new stores and regional distribution centres.

The discounter has also expanded its range of products to attract more customers, including deli items and the Exquisite Collection of Wines, which has sold over 1,000 bottles per hour.

Matthew Barnes, chief executive of Aldi UK & Ireland, said: “As the grocery market continues to evolve, our unique model, operational efficiency, private ownership and financial strength mean we’re able to keep investing in our business – from people and presence to products and prices.”

Plans are already in place for further UK expansion with the launch of an eCommerce operation early next year.

Barnes said: “The past 25 years has been an incredible journey for Aldi in the UK. During that time, the grocery market has changed beyond recognition – and changed for the better.

“At present, there are still 47% of households that don’t shop with us. We’re hugely excited about the enormous scope for growth over the next 25 years.”