The Great British Crisp Company, part of Warrens Bakery in Cornwall, has launched Cornish pasty flavoured crisps.

The new flavour is available in Warrens’ shops in Cornwall and is available in two sizes: 40g, priced at 75p, and 150g at £2.19.

Warrens Bakery claims to be the oldest Cornish pasty producer in the world, but branched out into snacks in 2015 after acquiring the Cornish Crisp Company and relaunching it as the Great British Crisp Company.

The company sells a variety of flavours including: Fish and Chips; Chicken Tikka Masala; English Breakfast; Cornish Sea Salt; and Natural.

Warrens chairman Mark Sullivan told British Baker: “We are really excited about our range of crisps and the Cornish pasty flavour is a natural addition to the range.  It is one that we feel very passionate about as the oldest pasty producer in the world.”

Sullivan also revealed that if the new Cornish pasty crisps become successful, he would be willing to sell them to major retailers, while he added that new flavours are also in the pipeline.

“We want to carry the British flag with a Cornish heart” he said. “We’ve been selling a lot of our products around the world over the last few months, which is a relatively new concept.

Warrens has won a spate of awards recently including the open savoury category at the Pasty World Championships.