A food and drink business is aiming to launch a bakery dedicated to producing goods from the by-product of beer making.

Malt & Pepper, which operates pop-up kitchens in pubs and hosts supper clubs, has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to support the concept alongside a restaurant that cooks with beer, yeast, hops and grain.

It hopes to raise £17,500 by 29 March to help the company turn a former Korean East London restaurant – based in two railway arches next to Cambridge Heath station – into a small bottle shop, coffee house and dedicated spent grain bakery when it takes over the keys next month.

Spent grain – a by-product of the beer-making process – makes up 85% of a brewery’s waste, according to John Longland, one of the three founders of the company, which was established last year. 

As the leftover ingredient is “high in fibre and protein”, but “low in carbohydrates” it is ideally placed for use in bakery items, Longland told British Baker.

Malt & Pepper currently uses surplus grain from London-based brewers Mondo Brewing Co, Redchurch Brewery and Anspach & Hobday and turns it into burger buns, doughnuts, brownies, crumble toppings and cakes.

The new bakery will use the ingredient in products including sourdoughs and ciabatta.

“Bread is going to be our main focus,” Longland continued. “We also want to experiment with doughnuts filled with sour custard, sour chocolate sauce and beer.”

Two dozen beer-filled, glazed and dusted ‘boozy doughnuts’ are among the attractions for investors who pledge £19 or more.