British Lion Egg Processors has relaunched its Lion Egg Products Code of Practice to provide what it claims is the world’s most comprehensive egg quality scheme.

The new code contains robust new food safety standards which exceed those required in Europe. It also ensures eggs are fully traceable and have been produced in compliance with animal welfare legislation.

It is hoped the code will ensure that British eggs avoid the safety problems that have plagued some foreign egg products, including salmonella issues in the USA and dioxin (a highly toxic group of chemicals) issues in Europe.

Ian Jones, chairman of British Lion Egg Processors, said: “No food business wants to compromise on food safety and the launch of the latest version of the Code of Practice for the Production of Lion Egg Products gives retailers, caterers and food manufacturers absolute protection and confidence in the safety of the food they are producing and selling.

“The British Lion scheme is one of the world’s greatest food industry success stories and the latest updates to the egg products Code are the result of an ongoing drive to utilise the latest research and cutting-edge technological advances to maintain the status of the Lion scheme as the leading food safety assurance scheme.”

The Lion Egg Products Code of Practice was first introduced in 1994 and is policed by regular and unannounced independent audits. The process includes isotope testing, which can assess country of origin and production claims, something particularly important as egg traceability becomes harder once the egg is removed from its shell.