Speedibake has teamed up with Burton's Biscuits to make Jammie Dodgers Muffins

Source: Speedibake

Speedibake has partnered with Burton’s Biscuits to create a range of muffins based on Jammie Dodgers and Maryland Cookies.

The range features a trio of new products inspired by the British biscuits. They are:

  • Jammie Dodgers Muffin two-pack – muffins with Jammie Dodger jam filling, topped with smooth icing and heart plaque decoration
  • Maryland Cookies Muffin two-pack – muffins with Maryland Cookies chocolate chips and chocolate filling
  • Mini Maryland Cookies Muffin 12-pack – mini muffins with Maryland Cookies chocolate chips, described as the “most chocolatey mini choc chip muffin on the market”.

The new muffins will be available in Asda in-store bakeries nationwide from 21 September.

“We’re really proud to have developed our first branded range of muffins with Burton’s Biscuits,” said Rob Turpin, commercial director, Speedibake.

“We knew we wanted to bring something fun and exciting to the in-store bakery muffin fixture, and Jammie Dodgers and Maryland Cookies are the perfect brands to deliver on that. We’ve really taken our time to make sure that the muffins capture the great flavour and taste of these iconic biscuits.”

Maryland Mini Muffins by Speedibake feature Maryland chocolate chips

Source: Speedibake