Burton’s Biscuit Company is to reformat its core Minis product lines in support of the Public Health England’s (PHE) 100-calorie snack initiative.

A 100-calorie flash will appear on packs of Maryland Minis, Maryland Minis Double Choc and Jammie Dodgers Minis from mid-August. The size of the individual packs in Maryland Minis multipacks have also been reduced to 19.8g to ensure they are 100 calories per portion.

Parents are being urged to give their children a maximum of two 100-calorie snacks a day as part of the government’s Change4Life campaign after it was revealed that on average kids were eating three times more sugar than is recommended.

“Biscuits can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, and we’re pleased to launch a category first initiative that’s a positive step towards easier and more informed choices at the fixture,” said Mandy Bobrowski, UK & Ireland marketing director at Burton’s.

“Over half of Mini Biscuits are consumed by children, mostly at lunchtime or as an afternoon snack,so highlighting the calorie content on-pack will enable parents to make decisions when it comes to buying for their children.”