Costa Coffee, the high street café chain, has announced it will reduce the added sugar content in its beverage range by 25% by 2020.

Launched across all Costa stores nationwide, the company said all coffee, mocha and all other drinks options have been tested against Costa’s own sugar calculator, which has been developed alongside independent scientific research, as well as the usual five-a-day government advice, and also takes into account factors such as vitamins and fibre.

The sugars in question are simple added sugars, rather than natural fruit sugars or those contained within milk.

Any drinks that were exceeding the maximum sugar levels have either been taken off the menu, or reformulated using alternative ingredients where applicable. New products set to be introduced in autumn and winter will also be developed along the same lines.

Last month, Costa Coffee owner Whitbread reported that UK retail sales at the coffee chain were up 15.7% in the year ending 3 March.