Dawn Foods has launched three limited-edition frozen products for Halloween.

With Halloween-themed packaging and toppings, Dawn’s Halloween products include a Double Injected Donut, a Triple Chocolate Muffin and a Triple Chocolate American-style Cookie. All are supplied frozen, enabling bakers and caterers to defrost as demand dictates.

The Dawn Duo Filled Donut is made using Dawn’s signature doughnut mix to give a fluffy dough. The centres are then double-injected with orange and blackcurrant sauce, and topped with orange icing and chocolate bat decorations.

The Triple Chocolate Muffin is made using Dawn’s American-style muffin mix and topped with crispy orange sugar nibs. It is made using free-range eggs and does not contain palm oil. For extra on-shelf impact, it features a Halloween muffin cup.

Targeted at younger consumers, Dawn’s Triple Chocolate Cookie is an American-style soft-baked cookie that contains Belgian chocolate inclusions. Each comes in a Halloween wrapper.

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