Gluten-free brand Genius has spelled out its ambitions to become the global leader in free-from bakery, outlining an international expansion programme.


Genius Gluten Free, the number one brand in free-from bakery in Great Britain, plans to execute a “scale launch” into the German market in Q2 2016, and trials are also underway ahead of a Q3 launch in Sweden.

And the company intends to push further category growth in its existing markets of France, the Netherlands and Belgium, it said, and expand across Europe in several other countries.

In addition, the free-from bakery supplier already supplies a range of ambient and frozen products in Australia, United Arab Emirates and North America.

The company, founded in 2009, now holds a leading 27.9% value share of the free-from bakery category in Britain, and is growing at a higher rate than the market, enjoying MAT value growth of 25.7%  vs a growth of 16.1%  MAT YOY  for the market, according to IRI figures to 26 March 2016 (Grocery Free From Bakery, MAT Value).

Last year saw the introduction of a variety of new products to the Genius range, including its first foray into world breads with pitta breads, as well as English muffins, pancakes and pizza bases, and the launch of a new bread recipe with an improved overall nutritional profile.

Its new bread range of eight products was launched in September 2015 and included a Triple Seeded Sandwich Loaf, 535g (RRP: £2.99), which has become the number 1 SKU in the free-from market, according to the IRI figures to 26 March.

The company said its ultimate goal is to continue to provide those living with a gluten intolerance, or opting for a gluten-free or gluten-light diet as a positive lifestyle choice, with increasing choice and availability.

It added that data indicated it has successfully rebuilt consumer trust following a product recall last year, when it recalled a number of lines which were found to contain low levels of gluten.

Last month, Genius launched its first bagel line as part of a package of three new products, and also recently launched a seeded brown farmhouse loaf.