Modern Baker has launched 12 sourdough products at Selfridges, including breads, cakes and biscuits.

Available now nationwide, the range comprises six sourdough breads, three sourdough cakes and three sourdough biscuits.

The breads include flavours such as sauerkraut and chai, while the cakes do not contain any raising agents and feature ingredients such as baobab. The biscuit line-up includes a “heady” ginger and turmeric, according to the company.

The launch marks the first time Modern Baker’s products will be available to consumers outside the bakery’s area in Oxfordshire.

“Provenance, nutrition and taste are core to everything we do at Modern Baker and we see our Selfridges range as the perfect way to kick-start your healthy 2018,” said Modern Baker co-founder Melissa Sharp.

Modern Baker was set up in 2015 by Sharp and her partner Leo Campbell to focus on healthier options and was recently backed by a two-year research and development project into improving the nutritional quality of bread.