Bakery retail chain Muffin Break has introduced three new flavours of milkshake to their drinks range, which are made with actual muffins.

The new products are made by blending a traditional milkshake with a baked muffin, before topping with cream and muffin crumbs.

The three new flavours are Chocolate Chip, Apple & Cinnamon and Blueberry. They are priced at £3.80 and are available to eat in or takeaway.

Muffin Break’s marketing manager Gemma Sandells said: “The Muffin Shake brings a refreshing flavoured twist, which has clearly appealed to our customers. We will continue to experiment and expand our food and drink ranges to bring customers tasty options.

She added: “We are always happy to see a positive customer reaction towards our unique and experimental offerings.”

Muffin Break also offers a range of sweet and savoury food options, which are baked in store daily using fresh ingredients by trained bakers.

In July, Muffin Break launched its summer menu in all its UK stores that included nine new items to the range.