Independent food ingredients manufacturer Macphie has announced a new belgian chocolate filling to add to its existing luxury range.

The three ready-to-use fillings in the range (belgian chocolate, salted caramel and banoffee) are spreadable, can be piped by hand, and are suitable for machine injection into a range of baked goods.

Keri Cummings, category marketing executive at Macphie, said: “We’re always looking at ways to enhance our product range, and the new flavour is a delicious addition to the luxury fillings range”.

She added: “Baked goods are generally seen as a luxury by most people, so they don’t mind a bit of indulgence now and again”.

The fillings have a shelf life of nine months, are suitable for vegetarians and are available in 6kg pails.

Elsewhere, Macphie launched a new speciality bread range, designed to be “quick, easy and tasty”.