Leicester-based MBM Enterprises, trading as Blackfriars Bakery, has launched Lumberjack flapjack bars, which are gluten-free and high in protein.

Lumberjack flapjack bars are available in three flavours: vanilla fudge with chia & hemp seeds (23% protein), yoghurt & mixed berries (21% protein), and ginger, orange & dark chocolate (20% protein).

Packed in shelf-ready display cases of 15 units, they are gluten-free, protein-rich and suitable for vegetarians.

Tamara Madylus-Truman, marketing  sales executive at MBM Enterprises, said: “We are really proud of the taste, texture and exciting flavours. We cannot wait to see the brand expand into new flavours and new products based with high protein and being gluten-free.”

The family-owned company traditionally specialises in manufacturing long shelf-life bakery snack products such as flapjacks, muffins, cake bars, cookies and biscuit bites.

In 2009, MBM invested £1.2m in moving to a new 36,000sq ft factory, which enabled it to develop new products for major customer Holland & Barrett.