Pastry manufacturer Pidy has unveiled a canapé cones range for the foodservice market.

Available now, the line-up comprises six savoury flavours including neutral, tomato, spinach, curry, sepia and sesame seed. The range can accommodate cold fillings and “gourmet delights”, according to Pidy.

The range is made with a neutral waffle dough, which gives the cones a “sturdy form” and ensures a “more durable crispness after filling”, said the company.

Pidy recommended a Thai green filling to accompany the curry flavoured cone, while a whipped crab and avocado mousse would work well in its sesame seed cone.

“We are proud to offer an extensive range of pastry cases, cones and cups to enable chefs to create a culinary masterpiece, but minimising the amount of effort required,” said Fabien Levet, Pidy UK’s national account manager.

“The light crisp texture of the pastry, delicate flavours and fantastic colours are all vital factors for creating an extra-special final product. The rest is down to you: construct classic combinations or take things up a notch with elaborate creations. Pidy’s cones are suited for every chef’s need.”

The creation follows a bread cone launch from Strathmore Foods , which last year unveiled its food-to-go Cone Bakes.