Belgian family food business Pidy has devised a new range of gluten-free pastry tartelettes.

The tartelettes feature a thin pastry, along with straight-sided walls, which the company said differ from the designs usually seen in restaurants and shops.

During the development of the ‘free-from’ range, Pidy focused heavily on taste, colour and structure, giving it a rustic look and buttery crumble texture.

The tartelettes also come in two pack sizes of 70 or 27 pieces, with the option of a sweet or neutral flavour.

The brand new pastries present an opportunity to cater to all guests, especially those with dietary requirements, said the firm.

Pidy UK chef and business development manager Paul Eason said: “One of the best things about these gluten-free tartelettes is their versatility.

 “As a great-tasting product it could easily replace a standard pastry option on a menu with no discernible difference in taste or appearance for customers.”

The popularity of gluten-free products has increased over the last few years for consumers looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Pidy specialises in dry puff and shortcrust pastry, fonçage dough, choux pastry and sponge cakes, and has three production units in Belgium, France and the USA.

In June, Pidy continued to develop its Trendy range with the launch of coco shell cases.