Malt loaf maker Soreen has announced that it has brought back its limited-edition Scream range for Halloween for the third consecutive year.

The range has returned due to popular demand from consumers, and will be available in two different flavours: Chocolate and Blood Orange, which is made using blood orange flavourings and milk chocolate chip, alongside Toffee Apple – made with apple purée and gooey toffee pieces.

Available in five individually wrapped Lunchbox loaves, with Halloween-themed packaging, they will be priced at £1 and listed in Tesco and Morrisons until 1 November.

Bethan Brown, marketing director of Soreen, said: “Our limited-edition Scream range has been very successful year on year, so we have decided to bring back these wickedly tasty flavours by popular demand.

“In-store Halloween presence and the market for festive products has grown exponentially. As sugar and fat content in diets continues to be scrutinised, our unique offering of squidgy, delicious malt loaves that are healthier than sugary confectionery, has widened our appeal with consumers and retailers alike.”

The Scream range sold twice as many units in 2015 than the year before, which shows the growing market for Halloween products in retail stores.

In September, Soreen unveiled its latest product as part of its range expansion, with the introduction of the toasting format, Toast Me’s.