Tesco has rolled out what it claims is its “biggest ever” vegetarian and vegan festive offering.

A Portobello Mushroom Wellington and Turmeric Spiced Cauliflower Wellington, both wrapped in puff pastry, are among the latest vegan and vegetarian releases from the retailer, created in partnership with chef Derek Sarno.

Sarno joined the retailer as director of plant-based innovation, with a focus on helping customers enjoy more plant-based food by putting it centre stage like never before.

The launch comes as sales of Tesco chilled vegetarian ready meals and meat substitutes have grown 25% this year. The retailer launched dairy-free cheeses earlier this year, such as mozzarella to use as a topping for pizzas.

“We think that our Portobello Mushroom Wellington is so delicious that it may tempt diners to try something different this Christmas,” said Sarno. “These are changing times and vegetable dishes have now become centrepiece heroes in their own right on dinner tables up and down the country.”

As part of Tesco’s commitment to increase the amount of vegetables in people’s diets and encourage healthier eating, it has recently pledged to increase the number of vegetables used in recipes and offer more vegetable options.