France-based Tipiak Traiteur Pâtissier has unveiled a selection of bite-sized canapés for the UK foodservice market.

The Mediterranean Canapés Selection features 63 individual pieces in nine different flavours, including: mango apricot chutney; mini cheese and ham rolls; sesame seeds on mini brioche; smoked salmon; tzatziki; cucumber and poppy seeds on mini blini; goat’s cheese and fig on walnut bread; and tuna, stewed piquilloes, capers and black olives on sandwich bread.

The ‘thaw and serve’ selection extends theexisting range of canapés available in the UK from frozen food distributor Central Foods.

“The new Tipiak Mediterranean Canapés Selection brings delicate and flavoursome bite-sized canapés to the table – canapés which are convenient for food professionals, as they just need defrosting before serving,” said Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak.

The canapés are packed on 100% recyclable gold-coloured cardboard trays. The ‘paper-carton’ packaging (made of paper and not lined with plastic or aluminium) is composed of more than 50% cellulosic fibres, which come from plant cell walls and are biodegradable.

“Having been available in the UK since 2009, our canapés have an outstanding reputation among chefs for their stunning, hand-finished presentation and superb flavours,” added Chessé.

“Our new Mediterranean canapés deliver the same great taste and quality in a convenient, one-bite format. They are our most popular canapés product in France, and we are delighted to have now launched the selection to the foodservice sector in the UK.”

Tipiak supplies French frozen sweet and savoury patisserie to the hospitality sector in the UK.