It’s World Vegan Day! As the number of people following a meat- and dairy-free diet rises, so does interest in vegan bakery items. 

So far in 2017 we’ve seen a flurry of vegan-friendly NPD from marshmallows to Cornish pasties, doughnuts and cupcakes. Here are some of our favourites:

Warrens Bakery Vegan Pasty

In response to huge demand for vegan options, Cornish company Warrens Bakery launched a three-strong range of vegan pasties. The range comprises a Vegan Thai Pasty, a Vegan Fiery Mexican Pasty and an Original Cornish Pasty. The latter isn’t technically a Cornish pasty as it doesn’t contain beef, but Warrens say “this is the closest you’ll get” with a vegan option.

Orchard Valley Vegetarian Marshmallows

Orchard Valley Foods launched an all-natural range of marshmallows suitable for vegetarians and vegans in October. The range contains carrageenan – a thickener made from seaweed – instead of pork gelatine. The mallows are also fat-, nut-, soya- and dairy-free.

Crosstown Vegan Doughnuts

London-based Crosstown Doughnuts launched a vegan range earlier this year. The first vegan doughnut to land was a chocolate truffle ring, featuring vegan sourdough with a dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate filling, followed by a classic vanilla glazed ring and the best-selling cinnamon scroll.

Délifrance Vegan Croissant

This vegan croissant contains wheat and spelt flours, alongside vegetable margarine, creating what Délifrance describes as a “soft, open, melt-in-the-mouth centre”. It also has a quinoa topping which gives it a sweet caramelised taste and crunchy topping.

The White Rabbit Pizza Co Smokin’ Vegan Pizza

The Smokin’ Vegan Pizza is the first chilled vegan pizza to gain a listing in a UK supermarket, according to creator The White Rabbit Pizza Co. The gluten-free pizza, which is topped with vegan cheese, peppers and olives, hit the shelves in Sainsbury’s earlier this year