Pizza chain Zizzi has partnered with micro-artist Roy Tyson to promote its summer menu.

The restaurant commissioned Tyson, who combines miniature figures with photography to tell a story, to create five ‘Golden Hour’ scenes with items from its menu. The #Goldenhour hashtag – which mostly references the perfect summer shot – has been used more than five million times on Instagram so far this year.

The storylines were captured at Zizzi’s London-based St Katherine’s Docks eatery, which saw its Rainbow Gnocchi transformed into Hot Cheese Springs (pictured below), its Crayfish Orzotto being used as a lagoon for snorkelling and its Golden Honeycomb Cheesecake turned into a ‘Golden Villa’ complete with pool and deck chairs (pictured right). 

Zizzi’s Rustica Primavera pizza, complete with safari jeeps and binoculars, became “the tastiest place on earth” (pictured above), while its Spiedini saw a diving board fashioned from red pepper.

The activity comes as research from Zizzi showed that 55% of Brits felt more adventurous with their food choices during the summer months and 74% claimed their food tasted better when the sun was shining.

“I use miniature figures to create scenes that show the world from a tiny perspective, so what better way to promote a Rainbow Gnocchi than having friends relaxing in a hot cheese springs or a stacked Golden Honeycomb Cheesecake by showing sun bathers catching rays in the Golden Villa?” said Tyson. “I had a lot of fun working on the Zizzi Summer Scenes – although it was definitely a challenge not to eat the sets.”

Last year Tyson used his tiny figurines to create holiday scenes for three of the Italian chain’s dishes.