Who ate all the pies? The answer could be you, as a betting tips company is on the hunt for a pie taster for the upcoming Premier League football season.

Free Super Tips has launched a competition to find the taster, noting that no experience or qualifications are needed, entrants just need to know their pies.

The job description includes travelling to Premier League stadiums to taste pies while watching the game, with Free Super Tips providing the game ticket and all of the pies. The taster will be required to report back to Free Super Tips about their experience and rank the pies against those available at other clubs.

The competition is open until Monday 12 August.

“Football and pies go hand in hand, so we’re keen to get the right person for the job to decide which of the Premier League’s pies are table-toppers and which are relegation fodder,” said Jake Apperley, co-founder of Free Super Tips.

“The Official Premier League Pie Taster is an exciting opportunity for the winner to become a member of the Free Super Tips team and enjoy some of the league’s best action and food.”