CSM Bakery Solutions has revamped its Arkady bread ingredients range following the results of a bakery customer survey.

The renovation includes its Diamond bread improver and three of its soft roll improvers: Pearl, Unique and Supersoft.

UK bakers were surveyed ahead of the revamp and asked which features of bread or soft roll improvers were most important to them.

The survey found that softness, boldness and fresh keeping were most important for soft rolls, while for bread it was baked volume, tolerance, baked appearance and fresh keeping.

CSM said it used the results to improve on the areas that mattered, adding it was confident bakers would be pleased with the updated products.

“Our renovation has given these products an advantage in the market, supported by technical measurements and expert observations to ensure they are producing the best possible results,” said Miriam Bernhart, product marketing director, bread ingredients, Europe at CSM Bakery Solutions.

The updated range is as follows:

  • Arkady Diamond Ultimate (previously Diamond) is a 1-2% bread improver. CSM said the product had been optimised to deliver a measurably superior performance, including increased softness and fresh keeping on day one, with a significant advantage by day three.
  • Arkady Pearl Ultimate (previously Pearl 2000 Ultimate) has a 9.4% usage rate and gives a superior performance in all measures with great processing tolerance. CSM said rolls would have a bold appearance, outstanding volume and increased softness. The product was also suitable for chilled chain distribution, it added.
  • Arkady Uniqueis a 7% powder-based soft roll concentrate that offers a performance comparable with the top-quality paste products, said CSM, adding that the product had increased baked softness and fresh keeping characteristics to produce excellent soft rolls, while anti-staling technology and mould inhibitor also helped to increase the baked shelf life.
  • Arkady Supersoft (previously Supersoft 2000M) is a 6% paste soft roll improver, which CSM said had an increased performance in baked softness and fresh keeping characteristics. It had a regular and even baked appearance, great baked volume and produces delicious bread rolls, CSM added.