French supplier Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has launched a range of functional, clean-label products under LCI’s Touch brand.

Pitched at professional bakers across the bread-making industry, the range combines functional flours and enzymes to provide new clean-label solutions, said the supplier. LCI’s Touch range comprises:

  • Glusafe, which can replace up to half of added gluten in bread. LCI said no modification of the process or hydration is required to use Glusafe, adding that the dough is improved with greater elasticity and enhanced texture;
  • Glusafe Sweet for Viennoiserie and pastries;
  • Hydra 0.2%, which increases dough hydration levels and reduces bread recipe costs, according to LCI;
  • Stop Salt, which reduces the amount of salt added to recipes by up to 25% and can be used in recipes for traditional or artisanal breads, sandwich bread loaves and Viennoiserie. Dough retains its hydration and elasticity without becoming sticky, said LCI;
  • Cakesoft, which makes it possible to control the soft texture of pastries with a long shelf life and does not require the use of additional water;
  • Soft Egg, which can be used to reduce the amount of eggs by up to 20% in bakery products without adding allergens. LCI said Soft Egg also increases product shelf life and results in bakery products with finer breadcrumbs.