Ready-to-fill pastry manufacturer Pidy has expanded its Technipat frozen sponge sheets range with a new flavour.

Now available in a chocolate sponge, featuring almond, coconut and pistachio inclusions, the sheets are suitable for applications from layered cakes and decorative strips, through to individual desserts.

The sheets have a light texture while being robust enough to hold fillings, said Pidy, and can be crafted into different shapes and sizes. Made from a traditional French recipe of eggs and almond powder, the product is stored frozen, maintaining a shelf life of 12 months.

“We’re delighted that our sponge sheets have continued to develop and grow in the UK, and that we can continue developing new flavours,” said Pidy national account manager Fabien Levet.

“The combination of the chocolate sponge with the pistachio, almonds and coconut pieces creates an incredible nutty burst of flavour and provides the perfect balance of texture, look and taste.”

Pidy previously introduced raspberry and pistachio flavours to its frozen sponge sheets range.