Pastry supplier Pidy has launched an improved recipe across its vegan Veggie Cup mini canapé case range and extended it with a new flavour.

Demand for specialist vegetarian or vegan products was continuing to grow, and foodservice operators in all sectors needed to offer suitable options, according to the supplier.

Pidy UK national account manager Fabien Levet said the Veggie Cup recipe had been perfected to achieve “just the right balance between the flavour coming through from the real vegetable extract and the slight crisp texture from the pastry”.

With scalloped sides and a rustic finish, the range comprises beetroot, carrot, spinach flavours and is described as ideal for creating appetisers.

The line-up has also been expanded with a grilled onion variant, containing 30% vegetable juice content that adds flavour and colour. It can be filled up to two hours before service, depending on the moisture content of the filling, and still maintain its crispness.

Pidy last month extended its line-up with an organic shortcrust party tart to meet increased demand for organic produce.