Puratos has launched two cake mixes that mark the debut of a new vegan range.

With interest in veganism soaring, the business is extending its Satin brand with vegan cake mixes in plain and chocolate versions.

Bakers need to add soya milk, water, vegetable oil and glycerine to the mixes, which can be used to produce a selection of products including muffins, cake slices and cookies.

“As with the other mixes in the Puratos Satin range, they are very tolerant and robust and can easily be adapted, allowing the baker to make all styles of cake,” said Puratos.

Citing a recent study by The Vegan Society, the supplier said nine out of ten vegans wanted more grab-and-go options.

“We believe vegan consumers should have the right to delicious patisserie and bakery ingredients without any compromise in taste and texture, which is we have launched two mixes,” added Puratos.

The launch comes during the Veganuary event, a month-long celebration of the vegan lifestyle.

Recent weeks have seen a raft of launches from bakeries, manufacturers and retailers including sandwiches, cakes, pastries and even news of the launch of a Goodfellas vegan pizza.

“At Puratos we recognise the value to our customers of this growing trend and that following a vegan diet doesn’t mean going without great tasting food of any kind – including cake,” said Puratos, adding that further vegan products would follow the two Satin mixes.