Flavouring specialist Synergy has created a range of dairy solutions that can enhance mouthfeel and dairy notes in bakery products where butter may have been reduced.

Synergy’s baking experts and flavour scientists have carried out extensive sensory, analytical and flavour development research, which has enabled them to reduce butter levels by up to 50% in cakes and cookies, without affecting the taste, according to the company.

The range comes as Arla CEO Peder Tuborgh told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme last month that bakers are set to face a shortage of butter by the end of this year.

Synergy uses natural flavours to produce its butter products, which are combined with proprietary dairy ingredients emanating from its ongoing dairy research and development activity.

“Our butter products are based on stable dairy emulsions, which are specifically formulated to create the same sensory experience as real butter,” said Synergy’s new product development manager for dairy Ciaran Lynch. “Our unique, high-impact butter flavour topnotes then provide additional flavour intensity and specific flavour direction for the application.”

EU butter is currently selling at its highest level this year, at €4,950 (£4,468) per metric tonne. Synergy said that the potential cost savings it had been able to demonstrate could save bakers around 19%.

However, Synergy said that although its products could not be used to completely replace butter, they could add a buttery mouthfeel to the product.

“We can assist bakery customers in developing recipes that include other functional ingredients that will mimic other key properties of butter, such as starches, or alternative fats, such as margarine or vegetable oil,” added Lynch.

“Our key aim is to provide maximum authenticity and flavour impact, while retaining processing stability and product shelf-life and storage requirements, for a reduced cost. The rich mouthfeel our products can deliver plays a key role in the consumer acceptance of reduced-butter products.”

In March 2017, Synergy unveiled a range of solutions for sugar reduction in baked goods, such as biscuits and cookies.