A new report has found that that some businesses are still struggling to prepare for new food regulations, which will be enforced next month.

Research by GS1 UK, the independent food data management organisation, found that larger companies are showing mixed levels of compliance with the new Food Information to Consumers EU Regulations (FIC), which are due to come into effect in the UK as of 13 December.

Despite this, it also found that compliance with regulations on wheat flour fortification and allergen labelling has increased, amid debate about these issues.

Gary Lynch, chief executive of GS1 UK, said: “This series of reports has shown encouraging signs that industry is moving toward compliance. This is a costly and complex exercise for many, but food and drink businesses have been taking it very seriously and we believe it will benefit the customer by providing them with a greater understanding of the products they are purchasing – which will ultimately be positive for businesses.

“While we are confident that most will achieve compliance in time, that is only the beginning – getting the processes in place to ensure it is maintained for all product changes and new launches will be a key consideration.”

The report also said that, while it found a number of products were not compliant with the regulation, it was confident these companies would not miss the deadline.