Fantasy is big business. Shows such as House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power have cast a spell over audiences, while Harry Potter is being rebooted as a TV series for release in a couple of years.

Little wonder, then, to see fantasy themes continuing to work their magic on bakery products.

Unicorn-style cakes are now a mainstream trend but have been joined on shelf in recent times by products with creative names such as rainbow, cosmic, and dream.


Source: Getty Images / CrisRG

Where it all began: the unicorn cake

According to the latest ‘Taste Tomorrow’ consumer insights report published by bakery ingredients supplier Puratos, fantasy-themed products offer consumers an escape from the mundane and can conjure up positive feelings.

“Even if they’re just chocolate chip cookies in a rebranded packaging, they tap into the desire for novelty and adventure,” explains the supplier. “This allure of the unknown and the fantastical makes consumers curious and eager to try these innovative products.”


Source: Mondelez International

Oreo Space Dunk Cookies

Mondelez International embraced the fantastic with the launch of limited-edition ‘Space Dunk’ Oreo biscuits. Featuring coloured filling and popping candy, they are produced in five ‘galactic’ designs.

The fantasy trend extends beyond bakery, with Coca‑Cola last year rolling out Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar. The soft drinks giant claims the limited-edition variant was “co-created with human and artificial intelligence by understanding how fans envision the future through emotions, aspirations, colours, flavours and more”.

You don’t have to be a multinational corporation (or Gandalf) to embrace the fantasy theme, and Puratos has come up with ways that bakers can enchant their customers:

Spark curiosity: Consumers are more likely to try a product if its name suggests a unique experience such as space travel. Think of Stardust Scones, Galaxy Glaze Pastries, Celestial Cinnamon Rolls or Lunar Lemon Bars.

Appeal to emotions: A name such as ‘Chill’ and ‘Crazy carnival’ evokes emotions. They make products memorable and tap into consumer memories or longings. That could be Cozy Comfort Pie, Golden Hour Madeleine or Midnight Magic Muffins.

Brand identity: Unique names help build a distinct brand image, setting products apart. Maybe something like Almond Avalanche Adventure, ChocoLottaLove Sundae or Berry Bizarre Bliss?

Perceived value: Imaginative names can make a product feel more premium and exclusive, which can be good for your margins. That could sound like Diamond Noir Croissants, Moonlit Splendor Gateau or Royal Velvet Macarons.

“While fantasy-flavoured foods are on the rise, they represent more than a trend,” said Puratos. “Product names invoking adventure and escapism match the shift towards experiential eating, where taste, imagination and emotion intertwine. As brands continue to innovate and explore this magical realm, they are not just creating products but crafting experiences that resonate deeply with consumers.”