The Real Bread Campaign will be running its annual #SourdoughSeptember campaign for its fifth successive year.

Fermentalists will be running baking classes, tastings and giving away pots of starter to spread the awareness of buying sourdough from small independent bakeries or making it at home.

“What we noticed last year in particular was that people and companies outside the Campaign’s network of supporters were taking notice of Sourdough September,” Real Bread Campaigns coordinator Chris Young told British Baker.

“It’s clear from what bakers tell us that there is definitely a growing interest in sourdough. We will carry on repeating our mantra that not all loaves are created equal, helping people understand that there’s a material difference between genuine sourdough and short-process sourfaux.”

The Real Bread Campaign recently gave their views on the legal definition for wholegrain, which is part of the campaign’s call for an Honest Crust Act to help shoppers make better-informed choices about the loaves they buy.