Traditional German bakery products are being brought to Taunton, Somerset, by newly opened Fräulein’s Bakery, owned by Lilly Rempel and Ramona Stuber-Case.

Rempel and Stuber-Case, who are lifelong friends, opened up the bakery two months ago. The company is offering apple strudels, chocolate babka, orange cakes, chocolate/rum cakes and jam-filled linzers at a shared-use kitchen in the area.

Talking about their new business and bringing a taste of Germany to the town, the pair said: “It was always our dream to own a bakery and, so far, the customers are embracing the traditional German treats.

They added: “German pastries are made with more eggs and butter, but less sugar, so they’re not as sweet. They also don’t use as much frosting. Instead, cakes are traditionally topped with powdered sugar or whipped cream.”

They are also planning a wholesale operation in which their baked goods would be sold at markets.