The eighth annual Real Bread Week is proving nicely, and will be coming out of the oven on 14 May.

The theme this year is “doughing it for the kids”, and is centred around sharing additive-free loaves with children.

The event is an annual celebration of Real Bread, which encourages people to buy loaves from local, independent bakeries, or bake their own. It runs from 14-22 May, nationwide.

The activities will be organised by people who run all sorts of Real Bread businesses and initiatives, including micro-bakers, high street bakers, school cooks and traditional millers.

There will be Real Bread classes, tastings, feasts with children and their families in bakeries, school and mills.

Limited edition ‘On the Rise’ t-shirts and aprons will be available in May from, with a donation made to the Real Bread Campaign for each one sold.